Wigan Market Hall, by the legendary Keith Waterhouse

If only I could take credit for this, but unfortunately I can’t.

I was having a clear-out the other day and I found this, which I thought deserved a bigger audience than just me. It’s rather a paean to the glorious old market hall, one of the most characterful places in Wigan. Until it was pulled down in, what, the late 1980s? I have no idea what magazine it’s from – probably a Sunday supplement – but it’s written by the inimitable Keith Waterhouse. The pictures are by Richard Dudley-Smith; the only Richard Dudley-Smith I can find through Professor Google who appears to be within the right age range for taking these pictures was once Assistant to Antony Armstrong-Jones, as in Lord Snowdon, ex-husband of the late Princess Margaret. The mind boggles…

Anyway, to any pie-eaters who have found their way to this page, bon apetit!