Gold discovered at Lancashire beauty spot

It being April Fools’ Day and all, am I allowed to bask in past ‘glories’ (or more accurately, a past glory) by posting an April Fool I did when I was working for the Heywood Advertiser?

I got the idea from an interview I did years earlier, with a man from Bolton who had won a gold-panning competition in Scotland. (No, there is no gold in Scotland, not as far as I know, anyway; flakes of gold were deposited in a stream for the competitors to find.)

What made putting together the story so much fun was the enthusiastic cooperation of my partner-in-crime, the man in the picture, Peter Chadwick. Not only did he give me some great quotes for the story, he even took along his own frying pan for the picture!

(Note: to read the story, magnify the image by zooming in on the page – using CTRL++, for example.)

Man panning for gold in Ashworth Valley, near Heywood, Rochdale.

My April Fool for the Heywood Advertiser.